About Us

Hamilton County Virtual School (HCVS) offers a K-12 curriculum aligned with state standards and Common Core. Courses can be taken for credit recovery; acceleration; scheduling flexibility; homebound or homeschool instruction; and access to learning outside of the traditional four walls of the classroom. We add courses to the catalog on an on-going basis. Courses are taught by highly-qualified, content-area teachers.


Kelly Coffelt and her daughters.
From left: Kelly Coffelt and her daughters.


Kelly Coffelt is the K-12 school administrator for Hamilton County Virtual School. She has been with Hamilton County for 27 years, the past 12 as an administrator. She began work with HCVS Friday, August 9, and has been diligently striving to create an engaging, motivating, and positive experience for the students enrolled in Virtual School this year and for years to come.


Renee Lynn is the administrator for the academic program at Gestamp and the Graduation Success Program. She has been in this role for 10 years, assisting students with meeting graduation requirements and setting them up for success beyond high school. 


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