Virtual School General Information

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The linked flyer has enrollment info.  

Enrollment process for students in HCS

WHO CAN APPLY? Students entering grades Kindergarten through 12th and who reside in Hamilton County may apply.


• Good attendance record (cannot be Tier 3 Truant)

• Promoted to the next grade

• On track for graduation (Grades 9-12) 


1. Apply by submitting a choice lottery application at

2. Attend information meeting

3. Sign and submit commitment form

Students unable to successfully fulfill HCVS requirements will be asked to transfer to their zone school (at the semester) for the remainder of the school year.

Remaining in HCVS

To remain with HCVS, students must fulfill the following criteria:

1.) Must not become Tier 3 Truant (10 unexcused days)

2.) Must pass their Edgenuity/Connexus courses.

3.) Complete all required district and state testing (Benchmark/I-Ready/EOC, TNReady).

***Successful completion of Summer Reach/Summer School programs does not guarantee continued enrollment with HCVS.

If a student is not successful, they will be placed on an Academic Contract for a quarter.  If the contract is  unsuccessful, the student will be transferred to their zoned school at the semester.

Students new to HCS

Students new to Hamilton County Schools may also enroll into HCVS.

This process must be done when the student enters the school. We cannot transfer a student to HCVS after a trial enrollment into their zoned school.

1.) Complete the Choice Lottery Application if possible.

2.) Contact HCVS. We will need an unofficial copy of the student's grades, transcript, and attendance record.

3.) Enroll into the HCS zoned school.

4.) If the admission requirements are met, the student will be transferred from the zoned school to HCVS.

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